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Tree Services

If you are in need of any tree service, we are your tree professionals. We cover a large range of commercial and residential arborist services. When it comes to tree care, Pridemark is your best choice for a tree company.

Tree Removal

If you are in need of any tree service, we are your tree professionals.

Removing a tree can be a large decision. But for reasons of safety, aesthetic and the tree's own health, dead or dying trees should be removed. There are also cases where live trees also should be removed when they interfere with other trees, buildings, driveways and utility wires. You want to ensure your home is safe from weak trees and branches. Our Pridemark crew has the equipment and skills needed for any tree removal situation.

If you are unsure a tree or trees need to be removed or just pruned, contact us for a free consultation and job estimate.

Pridemark Tree Services is insured for your protection and your neighbors.

Tree Trimming

Trees that grow into power lines may cause unnecessary power outages and interfere with other trees, buildings, driveways and your home. Trimming and pruning is best done by professionals, as improper care could significantly reduce the life of your trees, or kill them completely. But proper pruning is crucial to the structural integrity of a tree. It can encourage air circulation which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree trimming also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fail in severe weather and allows more sunlight reach your understory plants.

While maintenance pruning of most shade trees can be done anytime, certain species should be pruned at specific times of the year. Contact us for a free consultation and job estimate.

Stump Grinding

Remove an eyesore and let Pridemark Tree Services remove that stump. Grinding tree stumps is one of the many services we offer. We can remove any size Tree stump or surface roots hindering sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping at your home or Business. Our professional stump grinding machine is small enough to fit between a backyard fences.

Hazard Assessments

Tree damage and hazard assessments are very important. Pridemark can assess and determine if your trees have any potential hazards or concerns. We look at many factors of the tree's health and structural condition.

Assessing your trees before and after storms is very important. It can help property understanding the impacts of storms on trees and will allow you to develop both preventative measures to decrease the probability of tree damage. Of course, there is no way to completely protect trees from storm damage. Storm damage to trees can be minimized through proper care of trees. If storm damage does occur, quick action is necessary to assess the damage and initiate care for the tree.

We are a Fully Insured Company

Pridemark Tree Services LLC is a fully insured company. We carry General Liability Insurance as well as Workers Compensation for all employees. We encourage all potential clients to ask for an insurance certificate - no matter who you hire. Proper insurance protects the property owner in case of an accident.